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Youth Advocates of Community Change


Youth Advocates of Community Change (YACC) has been designed to create a sense of community and support for students, with the aim of increasing student engagement in education.


Evidence shows that students who have social support such as family, friends, and an adult outside of the family home are more engaged in education. They have better educational outcomes and more hope for the future. The evidence shows having role models that support young people by role modeling achievable goals in areas of life such as career, health and fitness will increase positive outcomes in those fields for young people.


YACC aims to empower students to build connections with community by having the students as the drivers of the program. Students will engage school staff, family, community members, and peers, to work collaboratively in supporting young people to engage in education, create hope for the future and create future pathways.


The program forms part of the VCAL program and meets the educational needs of students, whilst empowering them to create supports and change for themselves and students in the lower year levels.

Communication skills

Time management skills

Advocacy skills

Coordination of meetings

Students participating in the program will learn and demonstrate:

who are we

If as a community, we come

together to support students

and their families we increase

outcomes for the students and

potential their future generations.

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The relationship with students must be reciprocal. As a community, we must listen

and be flexible in how we approach the needs of students.

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