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Farming Life Skills Program

Farming Life Skills

Farming Life Skills is a program to support NDIS participants to gain practical skills while gaining confidence and communication skills.

Participants will have opportunity to learn property maintenance, gardening, growing fruits and vegetables and animal care. 

Each participant will be paired with a support worker who will be by their side as they gain skills and build independence.

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Improve communication skills and build confidence

Gardening and Property Maintenance

Animal Care

Participants will be supported to gain confidence trough tailored activities that may include gardening, property maintenance and animal's care. Through doing mutual tasks with others communication skills will be developed and enhanced. Participants in the program will have opportunity to take home fresh fruits and vegetables, knowing they contributed to the harvest.

Depending on goals and capacity if the client they will have opportunity to develop gardening or property maintenance skills. These skills can support clients with gaining employable skills or enjoying a fun hobby. Being active outside supports Serotonin levels to naturally increase supporting better mood.

Participants will have opportunity to learn about animal care. We have a herd of 8 horses in our equine assisted therapy team. Participants will gain skills in paddock management, feed, grooming, and maintaining tack and equipment. This is perfect opportunity to gain practical skills if participants would like to work with animals, or just to feel the benefits of being animals. Some of the benefits include increased oxytocin levels (promotes trust and empathy), and  dopamine (supports feeling pleasure and reward).

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