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Kelly Murphy

Kelly is a qualified counsellor of over 13 years, who has a special interest in working with people who have experienced trauma and adversity in life to live their best life. Kelly specialises in PTSD and complex trauma using an empathetic, trauma informed approach, to understanding the needs and goals of her clients. Kelly works in collaboration with her team of horses, office cat and chickens to support clients in emotional regulation, boundary setting, communicating with others, reducing stress and building confidence. Kelly also works using nature based exploration and room based counselling, catering for all client needs and comfort preferences.


Kelly works using modalities such Animal Assisted Psychotherapy, Gestalt, Somatic Experiencing and Trauma Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. Kelly's skills are grounded in postgraduate qualifications in counselling, equine assisted psychotherapy and lived experience of trauma. Kelly skills and experience make her an ideal partner in recovery and healing for her clients.

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Sarah Stokely


Sarah Stokely is a Counsellor with a special interest in helping young people, families and adults who want to recover from trauma. She is a person-centred therapist with a firm belief that everyone has the capacity to change their life story, whether they’ve been impacted by a single traumatic act or are recovering from intergenerational trauma. 


Sarah enjoys working with people who want to be able to understand themselves and feel better. She strongly believes that even if we don’t have a childhood or life experience of feeling whole and ok, it is something every single person deserves and can achieve with the right support.


Sarah understands that some people might find it a relief to talk to a Counsellor, but others may find it really difficult. She’s committed to working with each new client to help them find pathways to healing, whether it is through traditional ‘talk therapy’ or through other means of healing which may focus more on using your body or even breathing to feel better.

Sarah is particularly interested in ‘walk and talk’ therapy and using the outdoors and nature as part of the therapeutic process. She believes that the farm and nature setting of the Australian Centre for Trauma and Wellness provides unlimited options for clients to develop their ability to self-care using the outdoors as an active tool in the healing journey.


Sarah has a particular interest and expertise in working with:


  • Psychological trauma

  • Adults who have experienced childhood or family violence

  • Parents of kids or teenagers who have experienced trauma and want to break the cycle for their kids

  • Anxiety, stress, depression

  • Recovery from abusive, toxic or difficult relationships

  • Building healthy boundaries and better communication in romantic, friend or family relationships

  • Rebuilding a healthier, happier self after relationship breakdowns or divorce

  • People who are feeling stuck or afraid of life changes.


Sarah has a Masters Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy (ACAP), a Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Deakin) and a Graduate Diploma in Psychological Science (Deakin). In addition to her formal training, Sarah also values her lived experience of the personal and family impacts of mental ill-health, neurodiversity, trauma and addiction. She was motivated to become a Counsellor because of the positive and life changing impact which Counselling had on her life story. It is her passion to “pay it forward” and provide others with hope, care and non-judgemental support on their journey to heal and improve their lives and relationships.

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Damian Murphy

Damian is a trauma informed educator with a passion for supporting people to build confidence and achieve their goals. Damian is currently being certified as Equine Assisted Learning educator who has been supporting people of all ages to build confidence, increase life skills and achieve career and learning goals. Damian is also a qualified trades school teacher and enjoys supporting people into meaningful pathways post education.

Damian facilitates the Horse Wisdom Program™ which supports learning:

  • ​Calm State

  • Awareness

  • Boundaries

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Helpful Thinking and Talking

  • Feelings as Natural

  • Facing Life's Challenges

Damian can support you into a career path, build confidence and increasing social skills such as communication, healthy relationships and maintaining boundaries. As a qualified educator he can assist you to break down study goals to achievable steps to get you where you need or would like to be.


If you do not require psychotherapy, however have goals or skills you would like to develop, Damian would be an ideal partner on your growth journey. 

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