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Kelly Murphy

Kelly Murphy has over 10 years’ experience working in the social services field supporting young people and their families. In 2015, Kelly founded the Australian Centre of Trauma and Wellness with the vision of creating a service that supports people and tailors’ solutions to them, rather than people having to fit the service. To date, the Australian Centre of Trauma and Wellness has provided therapeutic support to people who have experienced trauma and adversity via face to face, video, and phone. Services include equine assisted therapy, EAP, brief intervention crisis counselling and facilitated programs.


In recent years Kelly has been working collaboratively with the education sector to provide educators and school staff tools, resources, and skills to engage and support students who have been impacted by trauma and adversity. Kelly has facilitated training and created resources for schools and staff to enhance their work with students and their families.

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Andrew Jobling

Andrew Jobling is on a mission to create a wave of wellness and wonder all around the world. And helping people of all ages in making better choices and living the life of joyful longevity they are born to live. Andrew played professional Australian Football for seven-years.


He has thirty-years-experience in the health & wellbeing industry. He is the best-selling author of seven books, including, ‘Kicking On,’ his latest, ‘The Wellness Puzzle.’ For the last 15 years, he has been writing and speaking to audiences, from teenagers to stone-agers, and, helping them create the mindset that will lead to optimal wellbeing.


Andrew is an attention-seeking, mommas-boy, middle-child, who realised early in his life that anything is possible when you have a clear vision, apply the right thinking and take the right actions for long enough. He believes you can achieve optimal wellbeing, or any success you desire, no matter who you are, what your talent level is or where you come from, or, how unlikely or illogical it may seem.

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Jarred Kellerman

An experienced counsellor, Jarred Kellerman has a track record in building therapeutic alliances and working towards client goals, drawing on evidence-based approaches. He is passionate about developing proactive wellbeing policies and programs with a focus on early intervention and resilience building.


Jarred finds it hugely rewarding to help design and deliver projects that promote social connectedness and empower young people to participate within their community. Having grown up in the area, he is well tuned into the challenges they face.


Jarred has a Bachelor of Psychology, Master’s in Counselling and Graduate Diploma in Education. He is a former secondary school wellbeing coordinator.

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