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Serenity, peace, healing, wellness

Each of our experienced therapists have many years combined of both personal and professional experience in the Industry.

We genuinely care about bringing you back to your normal self. 

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who are we

We Are Person Centred

The Individual Client remains at the centre of everything we do

We Are Compassionate

A conscious response to alleviate suffering of others.


We Are Holistic

Encompassing all aspects of ones life- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual


We Are Accepting

Acknowledgement of a person without judgement.


We Work With Integrity

Working reputably and ethically.


Helping you feel like you again

The highly experienced team at The Australian Centre of Trauma and Wellness have spent many years working, gaining and perfecting their skills to deliver a diverse service. The staff bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the working space, and understand that recovery from trauma is a difficult process that should not to be taken lightly. The use of CBT and other conventional therapies are used, however adventure therapy, art therapy, equine assisted therapy and other modes of therapy are available if you feel that would be more beneficial to your needs. 


Whether the trauma has been a one off event or a series of events, The Australian Centre of Trauma and Wellness

embrace the concept of "wholeness", where the mind, body and spirit are attended to, in group and private session work. 

Our therapists believe that clients have the ability to direct their own recovery, and match the form of therapy to best suit the clients personal journey. Embracing trauma informed practice, staff will help clients explore their inner self to find strength and resilience in their experiences, whilst having someone walk with them in a compassionate and understanding way.




The Australian Centre of Trauma and Wellness is a place for healing. Our commitment to you, the client, is one of finding resolution and peace. 


A Message from our Director

director, leadership, advocate, counsellor, therapist, educator

Welcome to The Australian Centre of Trauma and Wellness,


Whether you are here to explore your healing journey or to learn more about the effects of trauma and adversity on the human mind and body. Welcome


As a therapist, and someone with lived experience, I have seen many gaps in services and communities. Often this either makes things worse for people who are already going through a difficult time, or it really just doesn't work. This has driven me to create a service that is different. As someone who has also faced adversity in life, I can appreciate the importance of having a caring person to stand beside you, and support you from where you are at, to help you overcome and be the best you can be. Life can be hard, and we all need a little help to get up and keep going from time to time.

In building The Australian Centre for Trauma and Wellness, I have created a service that aims to meet you were you are. This can be bringing counselling to you, in your home, or phone and video calls. I have created a service that will go where no service has gone before, and that is to you. My hand picked staff will tailor support and therapeutic services to meet your individual needs. You are not a number to us. We appreciate that each persons journey is different and a one size fits all approach does not work. Something that has been proven time and time again.


Our work here is underpinned with client focused, evidence based,  trauma informed practices. We realise and acknowledge no personal experience, or family are the same. Our clients will be treated with respect and humility. This means working at the pace of the client, while still creating growth and a space for healing. We have the capacity to work outside the square in providing therapeutic intervention through fun and active learning. 

Healing is an individual journey. On behalf of myself and the staff at The Australian Centre of Trauma and Wellness, I invite you to allow us the honour of joining you on your journey to wellness and living your best life. 


Kelly Murphy

Director, Counsellor, Advocate

Our Values

Meet our Staff

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