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Helping you feel like yourself again.


At the Australian Centre of Trauma and Wellness, we provide a specialist service in psychological health and counselling. We specialise in all areas of psychological distress that may impact you and your ability to live your life the way you want. 


Some of the problems people come to the Australian Centre of Trauma and Wellness for are- psychological trauma, grief and loss, financial stress, bullying, communication issues, family stress, drug and alcohol addictions, job loss, life change, marriage counselling, loss of a pet, and many other issues that make an impact on your life.  

Our treatments are flexible and meet you were you are at. Upon consultation we can explore the most effective way forward for you. 

The Australian Centre of Trauma and Wellness provides up to date care and

support for all our clients.


  • Qualified therapists.

  • We can visit you or you can come to us. We meet you where you are at, on your wellness journey.

  • We run a unique group program called ‘Find your Feet’, which is rich in validation and is experiential based learning.

  • We offer Personal Development (PD's) on psychological trauma and difficult behaviours in children for professionals.

  • NDIA registered providers

Why Us?

Advocacy and Community Education


At the Australian Centre of Trauma and Wellness we acknowledge society is more accepting of people who experience mental health or have been impacted by adversity. However, we also acknowledge society has a long way to go in understanding the full impacts of stress, trauma and adversity on a persons physical and mental wellbeing.

Our director Kelly Murphy has her own story of lived experienced and dedicated her life to protecting and advocating for people who are vulnerable, or living in adversity. Her dedication can be seen in all who work for and with the Australian Centre of Trauma and Wellness.


Coming up.
Free to view video resources

Free video resources will soon be available.

Video's sharing real people's lived experience of trauma and adversity will soon be shared via this website and YouTube.

The aim of the videos is to educate the community about the impacts of trauma and adversity, and also help inform peoples decisions to reduce further trauma to victims. The videos are also aimed at people who have been exposed to trauma and adversity, to inspire them to continue on with their journey of healing and not feeling alone in their journey